The mysterious slice of cake - an optical illusion

It's a real slice of white cake, but
something's not quite right.

 What about this red cake, with the 
fancy doily design on top?

These cake images are based on an old optical illusion about a missing slice of pie. I tried to make them with pie photos, but I got better results with cake.

Scroll down for the answer.

In the missing piece of pie puzzle,
you turn over the pie to find the piece.

 Ah, there it is.

 Here's the rest of the white cake.

And the red.

Oddly enough, once I've seen the slice of cake in the wrong position, I find it hard not to see an upside down slice of cake when I look at the whole cake.

Ah, there it is.

Cakes and pies are from:
- The Tender Crumb>>
- Carol's Creative Confections>>
- Weird Physics>>

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