A golden eagle tries to snatch a baby in Montreal!

Or does it?

This video of an eagle trying to make a baby its prey was shot at a Montreal park and posted online. It quickly went viral and within a day or two got over millions of views.

Take a look.

Golden Eagle Snatches Kid


As many suspected, it's a fake. It was made by three students in a class in 3D animation and digital design at a Canadian school called Centre NAD, which issued a statement:
"Both the eagle and the kid were created in 3D animation and integrated in to the film afterwards".
What's amazing is how fast and accurately the video was debunked - with viewers examining the video frame-by-frame and critiquing incorrect shadows, a missing eagle wing, the child not being properly grasped by the bird, the unlikelihood of seeing that kind of eagle in a Montreal park and other flaws.

You know, students in future classes are going to hate this video:
"These are my grading standards. To get an A in this class, you're expected to create an animation that goes viral and gets over 16 million YouTube hits..."
Here's some critical thinking about the video at the magazine Popular Science: The Eagle-Snatching-Baby Video Is Insane, But It's Also Fake>>

Centre NAD reassures Montrealers: no danger of being snatched by a royal eagle, CentreNAD>>

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