Why she had bags of cocaine inside her boobs

No, these were not their first clue.

Some drug smugglers need to focus less on their physical method of hiding their contraband, and more on training their drug mule on how to avoid suspicion. 

A 20-year-old Panamanian woman arrived at the Prat International Airport in Barcelona, Spain in a flight from Bogata, Columbia.

Authorities scrutinize passengers more closely on these flights because Bogota is known to be a source of smuggled cocaine.

When the woman was asked why she was coming to Spain, she gave vague answers, so she was questioned further and then patted down by a female security officer.

The officer noticed she had bandages under her breasts, and the woman explained that she had plastic surgery two months ago.

However, the gauze was bloody, and the incisions under her breasts were still bleeding.

The woman said maybe they didn't heal correctly?

When the officer looked closer, she could see a "white foreign material" inside her breasts.

The woman was detained and then brought to a hospital, where doctors removed two bags full of cocaine, weighing a total of three pounds, from the woman's breasts.

Spanish police say this is the first time they've seen this method of smuggling.

Authorities said "...a medical team extracted a 
bag-shaped prosthesis from each breast 
containing a white pasty substance".

Woman busted in Spain for cocaine in breast implants, CNN>>

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