Watch rare footage of Cardini the magician

Cardini is considered by many 
magicians to be the greatest 
sleight-of-hand performer ever.

In a previous post, I included a video where magicians debated whether magic was art.  One of the magicians mentioned as an example of a true magical artist was Cardini, who died in 1973.

Watch the video and see if you agree.

If the video doesn't appear, go to this link:  Liveleak footage of Cardini>>

You might go there anyway to watch him at a larger screen size. And turn the volume up, because I think you can hear him mumbling, too.

What's I always find fascinating when watching someone of Cardini's caliber is that even on a video where you can stop and review what's he's doing, you can still have a hard time figuring out what he's doing.

Just give up... it's magic.

Cardini's look has become 
the archetype for "magician".

The Great CARDINI - Master Magician - From The “Festival Of Magic” TV Program In 1957, the only known film footage.

Richard "Cardini" Pitchford, All About Magicians>>

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  1. I don't believe this, he was such a talented guy and probably the pioneer of modern magic tricks. I loved watching this rare footage. Thanks for refreshing our memories with this high voltage clip.


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