Why the little magician was sent to an exorcist

He was last seen 
mesmerizing the chair.

I haven't found the original page this was taken from, so I'm not exactly sure how his trick was supposed to work. I do hope the hidden thread is not piercing the boy's flesh.

The image is from Grolier's 1931 The Book of Knowledge, advertised with the slogan "New worlds to discover. More wonderful than Aladdin's lamp". 

From verpabunny (Kelly Vivanco), Flickr>>

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  1. First, the thread, if it's not just wrapped around the leg, can be threaded through the top of the sock with a needle for security. It's visible in the illustration, but in real life would be chosen to blend with the carpet.

    Second, what will happen when, after the young man has made a few mesmeric passes, he steps back?

    Answer: the chair will follow him across the room. Note that it's a light cane chair. A fascinating parlor trick.


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