Anna Ayala has yet to learn not to lie to people

Anna Ayala has been in court before.

Anna Ayala told police that her son, Guadalupe Reyes, was shot by two men. She gave police a detailed description of the suspects, and they found one man they thought was a culprit.

Except that he was not the culprit. She had lied. What really happened is that her son had accidentally shot himself in the ankle with his own gun, and since he was a convicted felon and should not have had a firearm, she lied to cover for him.

The courts may not treat her kindly for lying. In 1995, Ms. Ayala was arrested and spent four years in prison for lying about finding a finger in her bowl of Wendy's chili.

(There was an actual severed finger, but it was one that her husband had purchased for $100 from a coworker who had had a workplace accident.)

Both she - and her son - were arrested on various charges.

Finger in Chili Hoax Lady Accused of Making Up Another Story, ABC News>>

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