Realistic-looking, beautiful carvings of garbage

They're discarded trash
sculptures carved from wood

Said the artist, Morgan MacLean, who created these objects by hand-chiseling mahogany:
"The act of applying a traditional skill to the reproduction of an object whose function has ceased and whose post-use form is literally regarded as trash is an absurd gesture. But there is something sublime and uncanny about the representation of trash in a beautiful material like wood."

 A crushed plastic bottle

Another crushed bottle that 
looks like a toothpaste tube

He also carves paper bags out of solid blocks of mahogany, in a series he calls Figureheads He has named them, which gives each one their own character and personality.



(he has two sides to his personality)

- Morgan MacLean>>
- Morgan MacLean: Sculptor creates illusions in wood, Los Angeles Times>>

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