These sculptures have a very freaky twist

They're solid, and they're made of paper

A honeycomb paper decoration

I've always been fascinated by the geometry of these types of paper decorations, but this artist has manipulated the paper to a new level.

Li Hongbo (李洪波 ) who lives in Beijing, China, loves paper. When he took apart a honeycomb paper decoration to see how it worked and realized it was very simple in construction, he decided to expand its possibilities. This led to gluing together thousands of sheets of paper and carving the resulting paper blocks into forms.

The results can either look like solid sculptures, 
or they can be unfurled to make eerie shapes.

This beam of wood has a bend

The solid man at left is constructed the same way 
as his twisted doppelganger on the right

flexible paper sculptures made up of 
thousands of layers by li hongbo  

Li Hongbo, Dominik Mersch Gallery>>

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