This guy built a full-size train car in his basement

It looks like the interior of a train., but...

There was an episode of the old Mission Impossible TV show where the IMF team fooled a man into thinking he was on a sinking submarine so he would give up a secret code. The final reveal was that the entire submarine was a fake that had been built in a warehouse.

If secret agents need to create a fake train, they might contact Jason Shron, who built a twenty-foot-long replica 1980 Canadian Via Rail train car in his basement.

His obsession with detail and love of trains comes in handy; he runs a model train company called Rapido Trains.

The Guy with the Train in his Basement


  1. Actually, Mission: Impossible did do a fake train episode, as well. Season 1, Episode 24 (Before Peter Graves joined the cast) was "The Train", in which they built a fake train in a warehouse and faked the subsequent crash in order to help convince a prime minister that his chosen successor was trying to establish a dictatorship.

  2. Did not know that! My memories of the old Mission Impossible show are all from my childhood. Netflix does have them on streaming, but I'm afraid to watch them and corrupt my memories with the truth.


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