These little babies might creep you out

Reborn dolls are hyper-realistic,
lifelike representations of babies.

Says photographer Rebecca Martinez, who has taken many photos of these dolls and their owners:
“These dolls are very powerful objects,” she said. “If I bring one of these dolls out, there’ll be a group of people around me very, very fast. They soon know it’s not real, but people have very strong reactions. I’ve seen people who will hold them, and their bodies will start responding and they’ll be rocking them. And then they realize and feel a little embarrassed.”

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Just as model train building attracts men, this hobby attracts women, except that there's more passionate emotion for these dolls. Some women ask artists to make dolls that look exactly like their own babies who have died. These are called "portrait babies".

Levels of unreality

This "living statue" performer holds one of the dolls. He's a real guy holding still and pretending to be a statue, holding a fake doll which looks like a real baby somehow holding still and pretending to be a statue...

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