13 bizarre candies - but which ones are real?

Reeses's Big Cup "The King Size" 
Elvis Peanut Butter and Banana Creme candy.
Is it a real candy, or a Photoshopped fake?

I wanted to just write a short little post about fake versus real candies, but it turns out there are many more candidates for this category than I realized. Lots more.

Look for more posts in the future.

Your challenge: among this collection of distasteful, weird and disgusting candies, which ones are fakes, and which ones were - or are - still being sold as actual candies?

Warning: some of these treats might offend the sensitive. Or cause liquids to spurt out your nose (And as far as I know, "Nose Spurt" is not yet an actual candy name.)

A Candy Bra (Sweet & Sexy) made from 
the round candies on an elastic string.
You may have eaten those candies at a time 
in your life when you were not at all 
concerned about bras. 
But is this product real?

Technically not a candy, but it does contains candy - 
limited edition Candy Corn flavor creme Oreo cookies.
True and disgusting, or...?

Cherry Clan Candy, for those times when you're 
traveling in China and want to impress the natives
with your cultural sensitivity.

Domino's Pizza Fruit Bubble Gum?

DZ stamped on a round tablet. 
Candy or medicine?

Hannah Montana Concert Candy Sweet & Sour Gummies. 
Individual Pouches for Portion Control. Guitar and 
microphone shapes! By Disney.
(Flesh-colored, bendable shapes.)

 Suck on this?
Cola Flavored Vladimir Lenin Head Pops

Wonka Sugar candies - now in "Banana Banana" flavor

Cheesy Nacho Mints in a handy round tin

Spermies - "The candy you love to swallow"
Available in "special" candy stores, or not?

Is this a real product from the past?
Chicken Dinner Junior Candy made by
Sperry's Homaid Candies


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