Creepier than a flashlight under your face

The shifting face of actress Romy Schneider

Henri-Georges Clouzot was a French screenwriter and director of suspenseful films such as Diabolique (1955) and The Wages of Fear (1953). (I highly recommend them both.) He wrote but never finished directing the film "L'Enfer" (Hell), which explored the disintegrating mental state of a jealous husband. The footage below shows a simple yet disturbing lighting effect he intended to use in the film.

1964 Henri-Georges Clouzot - "L'enfer" (lighting effect)

A similar technique was used by Nacho Guzman for a music video he's creating for the French music group OPALE.

Sparkles and Wine - Teaser

Sparkles and Wine - Teaser from Nacho Guzman on Vimeo.

More on the abandoned film "L'Enfer": Clouzot's towering inferno, The Guardian>>

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