So this candy - real or fake?

A real Mentos ad, 
or a parody of a Mentos ad?

Test the power of your critical candy-thinking brain to deduce the real from the fake in this mix of delicious goodies.

Classic Negro, eh?

 White chocolate maggots candy - 
"tastier than your average maggot!"
Fake joke label, or real?

Vingummi's Spunk -
Candy or sexual aid?

Cat Butt - Natural Raspberry Sours
(4 popular breeds!)
Fake box, or real?

"Next to the Last Supper" gum trading card
Respectful or contemptuous of religion?
Comes with actual gum, or no?

Pickle Lip Balm - Dill flavored 
(Okay, technically not a candy, 
but is it a real product?)

Missing Nuts - a box of 36 candy bars.
Is it safe for nut allergies?

Bacon Candy Canes.
To avoid an embarrassing faux pas, if these are real, 
please do not confused them with the product below.

Hanukkah Candy Canes

Whether real or fake, these candy makers 
have failed basic anatomy.

"Oh, You Lollypop!
Shut your eyes and I'll give you sump'n sweet!"
Vintage porn, naive innuendo, or risque
contemporary postcard?
(Click image to, ahem, enlarge)

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