Naked people or statues?

Are the following people real or fake?

Here's a question for you about these images, and it's not merely:
"Which of these are photographs of real people, and which are photographs of statues?"
 It's the more interesting question:
"What are the clues that tell you if the person depicted is real or fake?"
There are many artists who've created hyper-realistic sculptures of people that are so realistic that even when you're looking at them in an art gallery, it's difficult to know the truth. These examples, which tend to look more "classical", are easier. Still, the question is, how do you know that you know?

As far as I know, all of these examples are real and not photoshopped in any way.

Five of the images are photographs of real people, and twelve are statues.

Images: The Dying Lucretia, Damián Campeny y Estany (1834), Statue in San Paolo, Sunken Statue (gold) by LXXT, Southwark London fountain, Nebuli by Arice, Sculpture by Wolfgang Alexander Kossuth Photo by Ferenc Zsótér, The Louve in Paris, Lorenzo Bartolini sculpture, Victoria by Michael Nicoletti, Thought Tension 2 by Marius Budo, Real Statue by Cassie, Smoker 2 by Cajsa von Zeipel, Aphrodite, Beth Twiddle, 3 nude statues.

Many of these images or links to other images were found at the blog Reverse Pygmalion>>

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