When a kid named Murray destroyed a card trick

It was going to be an amazing card trick 
with a queen who could magically stretch.

In 1992, comedy magician David Williamson wanted to perform a card trick on a UK TV show called The Magic Comedy Strip, but he didn't have that special something he needed to make the trick work. So he contacted the trick's creator in the United States to make the gimmick and ship it to Los Angeles, where it was brought on a plane to England and rushed to the TV studio. Mr. Williamson rehearsed for 20 minutes until he was sure he could create a convincing illusion with the cards.

What he forgot was that the kid was a lot closer to the table...

David Williamson and Murray

Mr. Williamson covered the exposure of the trick so well that some thought Murray was in on the gag. Mr. Williamson, who is still a performer, also says it was a great thing for him financially - for years he got royalty checks when the clip was repeated on British blooper shows.

Twenty years later, Murray and the magician met again at a magic convention>>

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