The deceptions of women with multiple breasts

Deception due to an incorrect 
identification of anatomy.

All nipples have been pixellated for your safety.

Deception due to prosthetic appliance

Actress Lycia Naff, who played the prostitute Mary in the 1990 movie Total Recall, was repeatedly asked if they were real.

Another deception due to prosthetic appliance

Actress Kaitlyn Leeb appeared in the 2012 remake of the movie Total Recall. Here she appears in her costume at Comic Con. She was also repeatedly asked if they were real.

Deception due to Photoshop
and wishful thinking

Deception due to historical inaccuracy

This old statue of the Greek goddess, Artemis of Ephesus, appears to have multiple breasts. Yet scholars now believe that what's hanging from her chest are not breasts but other symbols of fertility, and are either eggs, gourds, or bull testicles.

No deception -
this is the reality of a three-breasted woman

The medical condition called polymastia is the condition of having multiple breasts. Breasts may appear with or without nipples. It's also called pleomastia, accessory breasts, supernumerary breasts, multiple breast syndrome, or mammae erraticae. It can occur in either men or women, and since the additional appendage can be uncomfortable or embarrassing (and can get breast cancer), many choose to have the extra breast or breasts removed.

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  1. I thought this entry was sexist until I got to the end, and then I realized what you did.


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