Murderer couldn't fool his search engine

Daniel Maoz was accused of 
stabbing his parents to death in 2011

Mr. Maoz is a 29-year-old Israeli man who police said murdered his parents because he had gambling debts and wanted their inheritance money. His story kept changing: in one account, he said he didn't know about the attack, and in another, he said he had fought the attacker. When police found his DNA at the crime scene, he blamed his twin brother.

However, it did not help his case when authorities discovered his online search history, where he had searched for phrases such as:
- how to kill your parents and get away with it
- can soap clean DNA from a knife?
- murder for inheritance
Mr. Maoz, a software engineer, said he had searched "out of academic curiosity".

He was sentenced to two life terms in prison.

- Israeli who murdered his parents used tips he found online, Reuters>>
- Court convicts Daniel Maoz of brutal double murder of parents, Jerusalem Post>>


  1. he was a LAWYER! not a software engineer!

  2. According to this source from the Haaretz Daily Newspaper, Mr. Maoz was a software engineer.

    Daniel Maoz, Israeli man convicted of murdering parents, gets two life sentences, Haaretz

    I've found no sources that say Mr. Maoz was a lawyer, unless of course your opinion is that he was acting as devious as a homicidal lawyer.


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