5 intimate items by artist Jamie Isenstein

"Saw the Lady"

Artist Jamie Isenstein is closely involved in her artwork:
"Since Duchamp, sculpture can be anything, so if you put a living body into the sculpture, is it still sculpture, or is it a performance?"  

"Arm Hosiery"

Sometimes, though, she has to take a break.

 "Arm Hosiery"

That's when she puts up a little sign that says "Will Return".

"Arm Chair"
(click to enlarge)

"Smoking Pipe"

In the above, the smoke is from a humidifier, and so we may classify "Smoking Pipe" as a piece of sculpture.

Pipes have a tradition in the art of the surreal, as shown in this painting by René Magritte.

"The treachery of images - This is not a pipe" 

Since his painting is only the image of a pipe, he had to write "This is not a pipe" on his painting. If he had written "This is a pipe", he'd have been lying.

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