Does he have a nose growing out of his forehead?

It sure looks like that's a nose.
(Click to enlarge)

Sometimes, technology transforms what you think might be a fake photo into reality.

What looks like a strangely make-believe photograph of a man with a nose growing out of his forehead is actually a real photograph of a man with a nose growing out of his forehead.

Blame the doctors.

After an accident, the cartilage in this man's real nose was destroyed by infection, so doctors removed cartilage from his ribs and fashioned a replacement. 

And although it looks strange, they decided to grow the nose on his face to take advantage of the similar skin and blood vessels located there, so that when they transplant the nose to its customary place, the transplant is more likely to be successful. 

The man only has to endure a misplaced nose for a short time so he will have a fully-functioning nose for the rest of his life.

So be careful what you judge as fake, and remember this:
Science... science is so cool.

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