Why teenagers, fireworks and gasoline don't mix

This is why 13-year old boys should be kept busy.

This might be considered funny in the future, but it's going to be a long, long time in the future.

During the summer of 2013, two teenagers in the town of White House, Tennessee said they were bored, so, as a prank, they filled a drainage culvert under a road with gasoline and tossed in some fireworks.

Neighbor Lisa Davis said she was working from home and looked outside:
"I heard an explosion. I thought, ‘Oh my goodness. The drainage ditch is on fire.'"
When they first arrived, firefighters weren't sure what was happening. Was it a gas leak or something else? Said Chief Joe Palmer:
"That was one that we've never seen before."
The resulting fire burned a mailbox, destroyed half a tree and melted the culvert's plastic pipe. That eventually caused the road to collapse. Luckily, the fire did not spread to any of the nearby homes.
Joe Palmer again:
"Kids will be kids. I guess there was just stupidity involved there."
It could prove to be expensive stupidity. The town may charge the kid's families $30,000 to repair the damage.
Drainage Pipe Bursts Into Flames After Teenage Prank, NewsChannel5>>

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