A Halloween-related scary prank

This is a photo of "Devil and Evil Girl" 
taken by the same prankster. I thought it would 
get your attention more than a photo of a pumpkin.

Now that I've baited you with sex and evil, here's the switch - a scary and funny Mr. Pumpkin prank from Polish prankster SA Wardega. He's made his head into a pumpkin, put on a camouflage ghillie suit and hidden himself under a pile of leaves. Then when people are enticed to take a closer look at the interesting display of other pumpkins he's placed around himself, he jumps up and screams.

It's a classic startle prank.

What's great about it is how he offers them a little conciliatory dance afterwards... at least for those stick around.

Mr. Wardega states that he is "An ordinary man who wants to bring a little inspiration to this sad city." ("Zwykły człowiek, który chce wprowadzić odrobinę polotu w tym smutnym mieście.")

Mr. Pumpkin - Halloween (SA Wardega)

SA Wardega>>

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